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PREA reporting form

  1. What to do:
    Please fill in as much of this form as possiable. The answers to these are important to the investigation. Your name and contact information is very helpful but not required
  2. If our investigators need futher information it is helpful to be able to contact you.
  3. If you are the victim please put your name. If you were a witness to sexual abuse and don't know their name please give a discription.
  4. The best information is a date and time. If you don't know or cannot remember give us what you can best remember. Example: "from May 1st to May 15th during the day" or "after lock down in the first week of October"
  5. This form is intended for reporting sexual assaults that have occured in the Cowlitz County Jail. So please let us know where in the jail this happened. Example: "In cell A12" or "while in booking" If you are reporting something that happened elsewhere please contact them directly. If you cannot, we will forward your report to that agency.
  6. The more detail you can give the more helpful your report is to this investigation.
  7. Many times people only know the nick name, or first name of the abuser. Put that here or the best discription you can give.
  8. If anyone else might know about this, what is their name? Even a partial name or Nick Name can be helpful.
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