If I have a problem with my court-appointed lawyer, how do I complain?

Many concerns can be resolved by talking directly to your public defender. Call the office at 360-578-7430. All incoming calls go through the main phone line. The receptionist can tell you who your attorney is and connect you with your attorney or your attorney’s voice mail.  If you cannot discuss your concerns with your attorney, please email or send a letter. All the attorneys’ email addresses are listed in the staff directory.

If you are unable to work out the issue with your attorney, you may contact the Director of the office, Ian Maher.  Your written concerns may be sent to:

Cowlitz County Office of Public Defense
1801 First Avenue, Suite 1A
Longview, WA 98632

You may also send an email to MaherI@cowlitzwa.gov

If your concern is urgent, you may call the office at 360-578-7430.

Please include the following information in your letter/email/phone call:

  • Your name,  address and phone number
  • Your attorney’s name
  • Your case number and charge
  • An explanation of your complaint

CCOPD reviews concerns raised by our clients. CCOPD does not accept complaints from family members or other third parties on behalf of the defendant. CCOPD does not accept anonymous complaints.

Please note that complaints submitted to OPD may be subject to disclosure as a public record.

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