What does the Department of Emergency Management do?
The purpose of the Department of Emergency Management is to provide effective guidance to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural, man-made, or technological emergencies and/or disasters in Cowlitz County. We do this by coordinating training for the public, business community, government agencies and volunteers; developing and maintaining a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan; acting as a central contact point for first responder agencies, state, and local government and others involved in emergency response; and coordinating resources during an emergency.

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1. What does the Department of Emergency Management do?
2. What kinds of natural and man-made disasters are relevant to Cowlitz County?
3. Does my county have an emergency plan?
4. Does Cowlitz County have pre-identified evacuation routes?
5. How will the County warn me of disaster?
6. What can I do now to be better prepared?