What is the project and what will it accomplish?
The SR 432 Rail Realignment and Highway Improvements Project is a study to develop concepts for upgrading the road and rail infrastructure to address current challenges with safety, congestion, freight capacity and system mobility. The safety, efficiency, and capacity improvements to the system as a whole (road, rail, and river) are anticipated to attract new business and industry resulting in economic growth and jobs for the region. During Phase I, various design concepts were developed and evaluated for rail and highway improvements. The project team in coordination with its Executive Committee recommended prioritizing improvements throughout the corridor. Phase II will focus on refining the design concept for the Tier 1 Priority improvements – the SR 432/SR 433 At-Grade Highway/Rail Crossing Elimination – and complete the environmental compliance process.Google Test

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1. What is the project and what will it accomplish?
2. Who is responsible for this project?
3. How much does this project cost and where does the money come from to pay for it
4. Where is this project located?
5. How can I participate in the process?
6. Is this project connected to the Millennium Bulk Terminals coal export facility
7. If you have questions or comments about the Millennium Bulk Terminals coal export facility, who do I contact?
8. Won't the SR 432 corridor project simply attract more industrial business to the area?