What is a Complete Petition

All required questions must be answered on the petition form. A taxpayer must include specific reasons why they believe the Assessor’s valuation is not correct. The Assessor has the presumption of correctness. The amount of tax, assessed value of other properties, the percentage of assessment increase, personal hardship, and other matters unrelated to the market value cannot, by law, be considered by the Board. You must include your estimate of value, comparable sales or other supporting evidence. If you include additional evidence prior to the hearing, it must be received at least twenty-one (21) business days prior to the hearing.

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1. What is the deadline for filing?
2. How can citizens appeal the assessed value of their property to the Cowlitz County Board of Equalization?
3. Who May File an Appeal?
4. Should property owners contact the Assessor's Office?
5. When Do Property Owners Receive a Change of Value Notice?
6. Where are Valuation Notices Mailed to?
7. What is a Complete Petition
8. How does the Assessor value property?
9. What happens at a hearing?
10. When will the property owner receive a decision from the Board?
11. What if a property owner is not satisfied with the Board of Equalization's decision?
12. What happens if a citizen does not file an appeal in a timely manner?
13. Should property owners wait until after their hearing to pay their property taxes?