May I send mail to an inmate?

Yes. Most inmates look forward to correspondence, however, many items are restricted for security and various other reasons. If restricted items are used or sent, the inmate will not receive the mailed items until they are released. 

Prohibited Items: 

1. Items that can be purchased on commissary (blank paper, envelopes, pens, blank cards, phone cards) 

2. Stamps 

3. Unknown substances on paper, envelopes, or photos 

4. Lipstick, perfume, cologne, or scented items 

5. Stickers, tape, post-it notes, labels, glitter (including glitter pens), glued on items, white- out, paint 

6. String, ribbon, confetti 

7. Musical cards 

8. Plastic, laminated items, metal objects 

9. Cardboard, construction paper, cardstock

10. Polaroid pictures

11. Sexually explicit photos or materials, including nude/semi-nude photos 

12. Pages torn out of books, catalogs, or magazines 

13. Food items 

14. Tobacco products 

15. Clothing 

16. Books, magazines, or newspapers not sent directly from the publisher, book club, or recognized internet bookseller.  Be careful when ordering online we cannot except used books from third-party sellers.  Used books are not allowed.  Any books that come in from an unauthorized source will be returned to sender.

17. Hardbound books 

18. Gang related material 

19. Racist or other inflammatory materials (advocating ridicule or scorn of any ethnic, racial, religious, or other group) 

20. Inmate to inmate mail 

21. Personal/Payroll checks 

22. Any other non-listed item that is deemed a security threat. A best practice for jail correspondence is to use plain white paper with plain pen or pencil, mailed inside a plain white envelope. 

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