Citizen's Police Academy

Citizen’s Academy logoLaw enforcement has helped to shape our community as much as our community has defined what it wants from law enforcement. The relationship between the citizens of Cowlitz County and law enforcement goes all the way back to 1854 when James Huntington was named the first sheriff of Cowlitz County. A lot may have changed since then, but there is one constant -- people. Just as it was back then, the people that make up our police force are people that live in our community and serve our community. All police agencies within our county work together every day protecting and serving the citizens of Cowlitz County. The Citizens' Police Academy is your opportunity to learn firsthand how law enforcement works in our community and find out what you can do to make a difference.
The Citizens' Police Academy is a 10-week program designed to teach you, the citizen, as much as possible about our local law enforcement system. We take you from 1854 through the most modern equipment and procedures available to each department in the region. 
Our goal is to take you through the profession of a peace officer from how they're trained to some of the experiences that they go through.  You'll get classes on Patrol Procedures, Investigations, Drugs, SWAT, K-9, Use of Force , and many more topics. You'll be training by experts in each field and you'll hear first hand accounts and experiences from the officers and deputies themselves.
Those eligible to attend must be at least 21 years of age and work or live in the Cowlitz County area. Applicants can have no felony or domestic violence convictions. Misdemeanor arrests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Applicants must pass a background check conducted by law enforcement.

For questions regarding the Citizens' Academy, please contact the Sheriff's Office at (360) 577-3092.