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1. Where can my child receive meals?
2. Are childcare centers required to close since schools are closed?
3. My child's school district closed. Where do I find childcare?
4. What childcare resources are available for First Responders and Medical Professionals?
5. What should my childcare do to prevent spread of illness?
6. Do I need to sanitize my playground equipment?
7. If our childcare facility decides to close, how long should we remain closed?
8. Are gatherings (childcare or elsewhere) safe for children with preexisting health conditions?
9. What is the recommended group size for childcare facilities?
10. What questions should I ask during a health screening at my childcare facility?
11. What should childcare providers do if they are at higher risk of serious illness?
12. What can I do to minimize the potential for germ spread in a childcare environment?
13. How do I achieve social distancing at my childcare facility?
14. How do I clean toys at my childcare facility?