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1. I’m concerned and want to learn more. Where can I learn more?
2. What are COVID-19 symptoms?
3. How does COVID-19 spread?
4. Where can I find out how many cases there are in Cowlitz County?
5. What are severe symptoms of COVID-19?
6. Is there a vaccine for COVID-19?
7. Do I have to wear a mask?
8. Can a person spread the infection if they don’t feel sick?
9. I think I have COVID-19. What should I do?
10. What is self-monitoring and active-monitoring?
11. What are quarantine and isolation?
12. What should I consider a fever?
13. I'm a patient at a hospital. Am I at risk for COVID-19 from other patients?
14. I was around someone who has COVID-19. What should I do?
15. Where would People Under Investigation (PUIs) be while they wait for results of their tests?
16. Should I worry about COVID-19 contamination on my food?
17. Should I worry about COVID-19 on my mail and packages?
18. Can I use hand sanitizer to protect against COVID-19?
19. Will insurance cover costs for testing and treatment for COVID-19?
20. How much are uninsured patients being charged for COVID-19 testing? People are circulating extreme high numbers, and people will not go for testing.
21. I have a regularly scheduled doctor or dental appointment. Should I go?
22. I was in close contact with someone who was in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case. What should I do?
23. If I get exposed to COVID-19 or if I get it, am I immune now?
24. Is it a good idea to donate blood right now?