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1. Are my workers required to wear masks?
2. How can employers protect workers?
3. What if an employee tests positive for COVID-19?
4. What should I do if an employee or someone I know is being tested?
5. I had COVID-19 and don’t work at a healthcare facility. When can I return to work?
6. We have staff that live in other counties. How do you work with their health departments?
7. How can I learn about Paid Family and Medical Leave?
8. How do I disinfect keyboards and other electronic devices that can't be sprayed?
9. How do I practice social distancing at my business (non-medical facility)?
10. I am a food employee. Do I need to take any special precautions when preparing food?
11. Should I and/or how do I apply for the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan?
12. What is the difference between the SBA EIDL Loan and the Payroll Protection Program?
13. Where do I apply for PPP?
14. Can I apply for both an EIDL and a PPP?
15. Can I wait and see?