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1. How can I set up a utility account?
2. What is the difference between the Water Base charge and the Water Consumption charge?
3. Is there any Water Consumption included in the cost of the Water Base charge?
4. How is my Water Consumption calculated?
5. When is my consumption billed?
6. What time period does the base charges cover on my bill?
7. How can I use the exact amount of water several months in a row?
8. When are Utility payments due?
9. Is there a late fee if my payment is not in your office by 5:30 PM on the due date?
10. I am moving from one address to another, both serviced by the Cowlitz County Department of Public Works. What do I need to do?
11. I am currently living at an address serviced by the Cowlitz County Department of Public Works, but am moving to an address that is not. What do I need to do?
12. I paid a fully refundable deposit when I started service. When will I get my deposit back?
13. How long before my water can get connected?
14. My water was disconnected due to non-payment. What do I need to do to get it reconnected?
15. How do I view the Water & Sewer Utilities Policies & Procedures?