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  1. NOTICE:
    CAD Police Events are maintained for a period of one year. **PLEASE NOTE: THE CAD POLICE EVENT IS NOT A POLICE REPORT** POLICE REPORTS MUST BE OBTAINED BY CONTACTING THE COWLITZ COUNTY LAW ENFORCEMENT RECORDS DEPARTMENT LOCATED AT THE HALL OF JUSTICE, 312 SW 1ST AVE., KELSO, WA (Phone: 360-577-3095) OR THE SPECIFIC POLICE AGENCY THAT INVESTIGATED THE INCIDENT. The CAD Police Event contains information on a specific call for police service in Cowlitz County. The report typically includes date, time, location and notes entered by the 911 dispatcher. All CAD Event requests for fire calls are referred to the fire departments. Requests from private attorneys, agencies, for-profit business or private citizens can be made using the online form below. All requests must define the record(s) being sought with reasonable specificity. When your request has been completed, a representative from the Cowlitz 911 Communications Center will contact you.
    The CAD Police Event document you are requesting may contain matters involving individual rights to privacy, sensitive law enforcement matters, and/or vital governmental interests. By clicking on the "SUBMIT" button you are accepting responsibility for complying with all legal requirements concerning the use or disclosure of any information contained on the recorded media provided to you.
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    Please be as specific as possible. Incorrect or insufficient information may delay completion of this request.
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  8. The identification number assigned to the complaint. This number can be obtained by contacting the jurisdictional police or fire agency investigating the incident.
  9. The date the indicent actually occurred.
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    We are able to provide audio recordings on compact disc (CD), which you will either need to pick up and sign for in person or send an email to to request the CD be delivered to your agency. Or, if the audio file is small enough, we can send a .wav file to the email address you provide. Please keep in mind that .wav files are often too large to send via Email. If that is the case for your request, a CD will be made and can be delivered to your agency.
  12. Please indicate if you would like to receive the cross reference events. If there are no cross reference calls just put N/A.
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