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Request for 911 Records

  1. NOTICE:
    Cowlitz 911 audio recordings of radio and telephone traffic are maintained for a period of one year. CAD records are kept for four years. Requests from private attorneys, agencies, for-profit business or private citizens can be made using the online form below or the request can be made in writing on business letterhead stationery. All requests must define the records being sought with reasonable specificity. Any requests that are too generalized will be returned to the requesting individual for further clarification. When your 911 audio request has been completed, a representative from Cowlitz 911 will contact you. Unless you make other arrangements, all recorded CDs must be picked up within 14 days of notification or they will be discarded. There is no fee for duplication of 911 audio.
    The audio recording you are requesting may contain matters involving individual rights to privacy, sensitive law enforcement matters, and/or vital governmental interests. By clicking on the "SUBMIT" button you are accepting responsibility for complying with all legal requirements concerning the use or disclosure of any information contained on the recorded media provided to you.
  4. Include area code
  5. If applicable, please indicate which agency, office or department you are affiliated with.
  6. Please provide an email address where we can contact you with questions or notify that your request has been completed.
    Please be as specific as possible. Incorrect or insufficient information may delay completion of this request.
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  9. The identification number assigned to the complaint. This number can be obtained by contacting the jurisdictional police or fire agency investigating the incident.
  10. The actual date the indicent occurred.
  11. If you do not know the exact time of the incident, please list the estimated beginning and ending time you believe the indicent occurred.
  12. This section is for the location, preferrably an address, where the incident occurred
  13. What date do you need the recording?
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