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Housing Action Plan: Developers/Industry

  1. Over the past decade Cowlitz County has experienced incredible population growth. Housing has become both difficult to afford and difficult to find, for all income levels. From 2010 to 2018, the county on average gained 6,342 people, a 0.75% growth rate per year. The fastest years of growth have been 2015-2019, during these years, the county has grown by 1761 new residents each year.
  2. In Spring 2020 the county applied for funding to complete a Housing Action Plan. The intent of the Housing Action Plan is to identify the need for housing in Cowlitz County and identify code, zoning, or process changes that could increase housing development. This process includes the production of:
  3. Housing Needs Assessment - Fall 2020; Community Outreach - Winter 2021; Drafting the Housing Action Plan - Spring 2021; Adoption of the Housing Action Plan - Summer 2021
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