Civil Claims

District Court has jurisdiction over the following type of civil actions if the amount does not exceed $100,000:

  • actions arising on a contract for the recovery of money
  • actions for damages for injuries to a person
  • actions for taking, detaining or injuring personal property
  • actions for an injury to real property when the suit does not involve the plaintiff's title to or possession of the real property
  • actions to recover the possession of personal property
  • actions for a penalty
  • actions upon a bond conditioned for the payment of money
  • actions on an undertaking or security bond taken by the court
  • actions for damages for fraud in a sale, purchase or exchange of personal property
  • proceedings to take and enter judgment upon confession of a defendant
  • proceedings to issue writ of attachment, garnishment or replevin upon goods, chattels, moneys and effects
  • all other actions and proceedings in which jurisdiction is specifically granted by statute, when the title to, or right of possession of, real property is not involved.

The $100,000 amount in controversy does not include interest, costs, and attorney's fees. RCW 3.66.020

The District Court does not provide any forms for civil proceedings. The Court is not allowed to give any legal advice or help in completing civil forms. You will need to research civil procedures or contact an attorney for assistance.