Anti-Harassment or Protection Order Information

Antiharassment Order for Protection - RCW 10.14
Who May Obtain?

Persons who are seriously alarmed, annoyed, or harassed by conduct which serves no legitimate or lawful purpose. Person may or may not have a relationship with the person harassing them. Parents may petition on behalf of a child against an adult or, in some circumstances, against a minor.
What Can an Order Do?

  • Prohibit harassment and contact of any kind.
  • Restrain party from coming within a specific distance from petitioner's work place, school, residence, etc.
How is an Order Obtained?

Can be obtained in district or superior court. Superior court only when respondent is under age 18. The person completes paperwork which the court reviews. The court may grant or deny a temporary emergency order effective for up to 14 days. The other party is served with the petition, notice of hearing and temporary order. A hearing is held within 14 days at which time the court may deny the petition or grant an order effective for up to one year. Forms and instructions are provided by the District Court Office.
What is the Cost?