Criminal Division

This office prosecutes all felonies in the County, and misdemeanors that occur outside city limits in the unincorporated area of the County or that are violations of state law but not municipal code. This means we handle every type of criminal case. We represent the interests of the people of the State by ensuring that offenders within the county are charged with crimes that accurately reflect the offending conduct, and further, by taking all steps necessary to ensure that the conduct is appropriately punished. We determine what charge to file, when and where to file it, and how best to proceed with it. We recommend a punishment if the offender is convicted and also handle all appeals from those convictions. Tom Ladouceur is the Chief Criminal Deputy. He oversees all of the Criminal Division Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys.

The Criminal Division handles the following case types:

Felony Cases - Superior Court

Misdemeanor Cases- District Court

Juvenile Cases - Juvenile Court