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Cowlitz County has implemented an emergency community warning system that is able to send emergency messages via telephone, cellular phone, or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to residents and businesses within the county. This is a reverse calling system therefore a phone number must be associated with the account. This system may be used by emergency response personnel to notify specific homes and businesses at risk with information about the emergency event. You will only be called when the associated address will be impacted by an emergency. The system is already programmed with landline phone numbers (both listed and unlisted) from phone company records. HOWEVER, unless you take the actions described below, it cannot contact your cellular phone, or VoIP phone. To ensure that you receive these warnings you will need to register the telephone numbers for your cellular phone or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone.

Common reasons to sign up: 

  • Receive emergency information affecting your home.
  • Receive emergency information for locations other than your home (like your business or another family member that you care for).

Type of information you may receive: 

  • Police needing your help to solve crimes or find missing persons.
  • Knowledge about a hazardous situation near your home (fire, hazardous materials release, or police response activities).
  • Emergency protective measures during a disaster.

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