Juror Call-In Procedure

Cowlitz County Clerk’s Office
Jury Call-In Procedure

Each juror is assigned a group # and a juror # for the two week term of jury service. These numbers are located on the top portion of the Jury Summons which instructs the juror to DETACH and KEEP for reporting purposes.  If you register using Eresponse, DO NOT use that site for reporting information.  It is for registering only.

Jurors must either call (360) 577-3110 after 5:30 p.m. on the Friday before the first day of jury duty and listen for his or her group number or call our Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) line at 360-998-4001. The recording will tell the juror which group numbers are supposed to report for jury service on the next court day. The IVR requires your 10 digit Juror number to access and will give your status of service. Or you may look at the web page above called ’Daily Reporting Instructions for Jurors’.

If the juror is not needed to report, the recording will reschedule the juror to check back on another day during the two week term. Then, the juror must call the recording, check IVR or the web page again the night before the next scheduled reporting date for updated reporting instructions.
Please Note: The recording and web page will give the juror specific instructions as to time and place to report for jury duty. The recording runs for 24 hours per day but jurors must not call the recording unless it is the day or weekend before his or her date to report. Otherwise it may be confusing. IVR gives you a daily status of your service.
The Jury Management office is open Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Phone # (360) 577-3034 or to contact by email jurymsg@co.cowlitz.wa.us

Every attempt is made to minimize the impact of jury service to an individual. Jurors are summoned for only a two week term. However, that does not mean jurors will spend the entire two weeks at the courthouse; jurors are "on call" for jury duty for any trial beginning during the specified term. A trial may extend beyond this term. However, jurors will be advised of the estimated length of the trial at the time of the jury selection process.
For your convenience, there is a coffee shop on the 1st floor of the Hall of Justice which sells coffee, water, soft drinks, soup, sandwiches and snacks. You may snack during breaks in the jury room and beverages with a lid or cap will be allowed. However, no food or uncovered drinks are allowed in the courtroom.

Alert: All citizens entering the Hall of Justice will have to go through airport style security screening. Please allow extra time for the screening process.