Restraining Order



Who May Obtain The Order?
Married persons or persons w/a child in common who are filing for divorce, separation, custody or paternity. To qualify, a person does not need to be assaulted or threatened previously.

What Can An Order Do? 
Can do all that a Protection Order does. May also order child support, order maintenance income, assign property to either party, and establish permanent custody or use of family home.

How Is An Order Obtained?
The order can be obtained in Superior Court as part of a Family Law Action such as divorce, separation, custody or paternity. A temporary restraining order can be filed at the filing of the civil petition and signed by the judge effective until heard in court. Many persons obtain attorneys to represent them through this process. The prosecutor or attorney general, when involved in paternity actions, may request a restraining order on behalf of the child.

What is the Cost?
Filing fee is $240.00 to $290.00 for underlying case. There is no additional fee for restraining order.

What Happens If The Order Is Knowingly Violated?
Violator may be arrested. Possible criminal or contempt charges.