Board of Health

The Cowlitz County Board of Commissioners and three non-elected members serve as the Cowlitz County Board of Health. 
In accordance with RCW 70.05.060, the Board of Health supervises all matters pertaining to the preservation of the life and health of people in Cowlitz County.

Elected Members
• Arne Mortensen; Commissioner District 1
• Dennis Weber; Commissioner District 2
• John Jabusch; Commissioner District 3

Non-Elected Members
Lindy Campbell; representing the public health, health care facilities or providers category
Kelly Lane; representing the consumer of public health category
Mary Jane Melink; representing the community stakeholder category

The board currently meets quarterly to hear updates from Cowlitz County Health & Human Services, which fulfills a variety of environmental and community health, human services and administrative functions.  The Cowlitz County Board of Health expanded from three to six members in June 2020 to comply with House Bill 1152, which passed in 2021.


Washington State law gives primary responsibility for the health and safety of state residents to the 39 county governments. It charges counties' legislative authorities with establishing either a county department or a health district to assure the public's health. (RCW 70.05, 70.08, 70.46)

In Washington State, the governmental public health system consists of local public health agencies and local health jurisdictions (LHJs) that work with the state Department of Health.

Some counties have individual health departments while others have formed multi-county and/or city-county health districts. Cowlitz County has an individual health department, Cowlitz County Health & Human Services, which also includes social services programs.

Meeting Schedule
The Cowlitz County Board of Health schedule can be found on the Board of County Commissioners Office Board of Health webpage.  

Reports & Presentations

July 2020
Quarterly Meeting – COVID-19; (VIDEO)
August 2020
Quarterly Meeting – COVID-19; (VIDEO)
October 2020
Quarterly Meeting – COVID-19; (VIDEO
December 2020
Quarterly Meeting – COVID-19 
January 2021
Quarterly Meeting – COVID-19; (VIDEO
April 2021
Quarterly Meeting – E2SHB 1152, COVID-19; (VIDEO
July 2021
Quarterly Meeting – E2SHB 1152, COVID-19

January 2022
• Quarterly Meeting – E2SHB 1152
April 2022
Quarterly Meeting – STIs, E2SHB 1152