Cowlitz County COVID-19 Daily Data Summary

Due to delays in reporting, Cowlitz County data may be different than data on the Washington State Department of Health website. Data provided by Cowlitz County Health & Human Services (CCHHS) are the most current; all data are preliminary and may change.  To view statewide data, visit the Washington State Department of Health data dashboard. For the latest information on cases in the U.S., visit the CDC website.


The following data may not align with data in other reports because they are based on different dates associated with each case. See page 4 of the “10/14/2020 Cowlitz County COVID-19 data report”, available here, for more information.

If you have troubles viewing the summary or want to see previous data, PDF versions of daily summaries can be accessed on the COVID-19 Daily Data History webpage.

22 January Daily Data Summary

*Active cases: Active cases include those with a symptom onset date within the past 10 days, or a specimen collection date within the past 10 days if the symptom onset date is not available. This an estimate of how many cases are in their isolation period. Confirmed cases remain in isolation until they are fever-free for at least 24 hours (without fever-reducing medication), symptoms have improved, and at least 10 days have passed since symptoms began. People who test positive but do not have symptoms are in isolation for 10 days from the date of their first positive test.

**This reflects the rate of newly diagnosed cases per 100,000 people in the county over a two-week period. The two week period ends six days prior to the current date to account for the lag in reporting.  This is the same rate used for school reopening data reports.  

*** This is the total number of positive and negative tests among Cowlitz County residents.  DOH has added antigen test results to its case data, but test data still include only PCR or other molecular tests.  If an individual has had multiple negative tests, all of those tests are included in these data.  Only the first positive test is included for each individual who has tested positive for COVID-19.  The source of total test data can be found on the WA State Department of Health data dashboard.

Cowlitz County COVID-19 Case Demographics

19 January Demographics