Hosted Encampment Pilot Project

Cowlitz County and the City of Longview are discussing the concept of a Hosted Encampment Pilot Project.  This pilot project would provide a clean and safe temporary housing environment for those experiencing homelessness to stay while engaging in services and being supported in taking steps to obtain stable housing.  

The Hosted Encampment Pilot Project draft plan includes ideas for a pilot project.  This plan is a draft and still includes questions and uncertainties about the project.  Details will be finalized if discussion continues and the project moves forward.   

The Board of County Commissioners is interested in community feedback.  The draft plan is posted here for the community to read and share thoughts, feedback, concerns, etc. about this type of project.  If you would like to provide input, please submit through the ‘Pilot Project Community Input’ button below. Any input received by 12/10/2020 will be shared with the Board of County Commissioners and City of Longview Council members. 

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