Q: Is this funding opportunity “competitive” in nature.  

A: No, a sufficient amount of funding has been allocated for all 45 facilities in the county.

Q: How much funding is available?  

A: Funding is based on the type of facility

  1. State licensed Nursing Home Facilities – maximum reimbursement $30,000
  2. State licensed Assisted Living Facilities – maximum reimbursement $30,000
  3. State licensed Adult Family Homes – maximum reimbursement $14,000
  4. State licensed Supported Living Facilities – maximum reimbursement $14,000

Q: I’m not a licensed facility, however I do care for my parents.   I am eligible to apply? 

A: No, unfortunately, this funding is only available to the 45 licensed long term care residential settings in Cowlitz County (nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult family homes, and supported living facilities)

Q: What is the timeline? 

A: The following timeline is subject to change:

Funding Opportunity Opens

On or before November 1, 2020

Applications close

November 13, 2020 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time

Award Letters Sent

On or before December 11, 2020

Checks Mailed

On or around December 18, 2020

The COUNTY reserves the right to revise the above schedule.

Q: I am just opening or getting ready to open my facility, am I eligible? 

A: No, unfortunately, the facility must have been open and providing congregate living for at least 6 months.

Q: I had to remodel our visiting area, is that an eligible expense? 
A: This expense may be eligible if the facility changes were necessary in order to increase social distancing among residents, employees, and visitors

Q: Why do you need itemized receipts? Can’t you just grant me the funding?

A: Unfortunately, this federal funding is for cost reimbursement and cannot be granted out without proper documentation. As the entity charged with accounting for the funding, it is our responsibility to ensure the payments made with these funds have actually occurred and have not been paid with other dollars from other funding entities. 

Q: We received a large donation, can we reimburse the person for their donation?
A: Unfortunately, reimbursement to donors for donated items or services are not allowed. 

Q: Is this funding a Grant or a Loan?

AThis funding opportunity is in the style of a cost reimbursement grant.   Eligible receipts need to be submitted to obtain the funding and only those expenses will be reimbursed.  Facilities do not need to pay back the money like a loan.