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Cowlitz County District Court is utilizing the Zoom platform for remote participation in court hearings. While the Cowlitz County Courthouse is open to the public, parties should appear remotely, unless required to personally appear. For most matters, appearing by video is highly encouraged. 

A tutorial and instructions for Zoom are found 
HERE.  Zoom also has a number of help articles and video tutorials available HERE.  Please be sure to test your connection and audio well in advance of your hearing.  You can join a test meeting at:  First time users may be prompted to download the Zoom software, and should plan accordingly.

All participants are reminded that you are appearing in a virtual courtroom.  Your demeanor and your surroundings should reflect the serious nature of court proceedings.  There is no lessening of appearance standards, especially for Officers of the Court (attorneys, interpreters, etc.). You must have a good connection and remain stationary and attentive during court proceedings.    
  • All proceedings are recorded.
  • All audio is muted upon entry.  If on the phone, use *6 to mute/unmute your audio.
  • Turn audio and video on while the Judge calls the calendar.     
  • Parties should mute/turn video off when their matter is not being heard.
  • If you are late joining and miss the Judge's calling of the calendar, please remain quiet until the case is called or until the Judge polls the courtroom again.
  • You will be placed in a Zoom "waiting room" until admitted into the proceedings by the Judge or Court Staff.  Remain in the waiting room.  We are aware of your presence and will admit shortly.    


Courtroom 4 
ZOOM Meeting ID and Link:  994 8524 0680
Passcode: 519566

Courtroom 5 
ZOOM Meeting ID and Link: 971 7837 9853
Passcode: 129489
Courtroom 6 
ZOOM Meeting ID and Link: 939 7959 4841
Passcode: 391896

Courtroom 8
ZOOM Meeting ID and Link :
859 2866 1225
Passcode: 566253


For those calling in by phone, simply dial any one of the following Zoom access numbers and enter the appropriate Meeting ID. Remember, video participants will see the number you are calling from unless you first dial *67 when calling Zoom.

  • (253) 215-8782 
  • (346) 248-7799
  • (669) 900-6833
  • (929) 205-6099
  • (312) 626-6799
  • (301) 715-8592

WHAT TO DO IF YOU WANT TO APPEAR BY TELEPHONE AND NOT USE ZOOM: The use of video is preferred and highly encouraged, but not required, except for attorneys. If you choose to appear for your hearing by telephone instead please note that other parties and participants (potentially including the judicial officer) will be on Zoom video and your audio participation in the hearing will be observed by those using Zoom.

Trials, departmental calendars, and special set hearings will be assigned Zoom information on a case specific basis.  As always, courtroom/Zoom assignments will be posted to the website by the end of business the day prior to the hearing.  Please refer to the Today's Calendar link on the homepage for information. If you are unable to locate the Zoom information by 8:30 a.m. on the date of your hearing, please contact the court at 360-577-3073.