COVID-19 Alternative Payment Options

Cowlitz County Treasurer, Debra Gardner understands and shares the public’s anxiety and concern about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. She is dedicated to providing flexibility to taxpayers as allowed within her statutory authority, however she must also evaluate the funding needs of our emergency responders like public health, EMS, fire, police, sheriff, schools and other jr. taxing districts.

The property taxes are still due April 30, 2020. Treasurer Gardner is encouraging taxpayers not experiencing a financial hardship to please pay by the April 30, 2020 deadline. This will help offset the financial impact for those who cannot pay now.

Taxpayers with active escrows through their mortgage companies should see no changes. Mortgage Companies have been collecting tax payments in advance and will be making those tax payments by the April 30th deadline

Residential Real Property Taxes:

For residential property owners affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and are financially unable to pay their first-half taxes by April 30th, the Treasurer is offering two relief options for 2020 taxes.  The deadline to apply for these options is April 30, 2020.

Option 1:     Residential property owners can apply for a one-time due date extension request to June 30, 2020.  There will be no interest or penalty
                        assessed with this due date extension.  The first half payment must be paid in full no later than June 30, 2020.  An application
                        is required to receive the extension.     

                   Apply for an Extension

Option 2:     Residential property owners that need a payment agreement extending beyond June 30, 2020 can agree to make installment
                        payments and pay in full by November 30, 2020.  Approved applicants will receive a waiver of the 3% penalty assessed
                        June 1, 2020. The payment agreement requires at least a 25% down payment of the amount due April 30, 2020.
                        Because this option does not extend the April due date for applicants, the Treasurer does not have the statutory
                        authority to waive the 1% monthly interest and plan participants will be assessed this monthly interest, beginning May 1, 2020.    

                        Apply for a Payment Plan

Business Personal Property Taxes:

                       Business owners who pay business personal property taxes and have been affected by the COVID-19 emergency can
                       apply for a payment extension on their 2020 Business Personal Property taxes.

                       Apply for an Extension