Office of Public Defense

General Information About Cowlitz County Office of Public Defense

The Cowlitz County Office of Public Defense (CCOPD) represents people accused of crimes in the Cowlitz County courts. We represent adults and juveniles in Superior Court, the Juvenile Division of Superior Court, and in District Court.  

We represent people held at Peace Health/St. John's Hospital for involuntary civil commitment detention hearings.  This area of representation includes those involuntarily detained based on mental health concerns.  We also represent individuals facing civil commitment based substance use disorder held at other evaluation and treatment facilities.

We also represent youth involved in Juvenile Court dependency and termination proceedings.  We work with youth in truancy proceedings, At Risk Youth proceedings and Child in Need of Services proceedings under the Becca Bill.

We only handle cases where the people involved have a right to a lawyer. All of our clients are assigned to us by the court. People who cannot afford to hire a lawyer can ask the judge for a court appointed lawyer. If the judge decides that a person qualifies for a court appointed lawyer, the Cowlitz County Office of Public Defense will assign the person a lawyer. That lawyer works for our office or is a conflict attorney assigned by our office who has their own independent office.

We are located in Longview, WA at 1801 First Avenue in Suite 1A of the River Suites Building. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Our office phone is 360-578-7430.