Board Duties


The Board of Commissioners' primary duty is to levy the taxes necessary to operate the county and to adopt a balanced budget for each calendar year. The County Commissioners are responsible for the operations of budgets under the control of appointed department heads.


Their legislative responsibilities require the Commissioners to adopt, amend or repeal all county ordinances, the local laws of the county. The ordinances include traffic, zoning, planning and public safety ordinances, and any other ordinances designed to protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public.

As administrators, the commissioners are responsible for public roads and public works programs, human resource services, planning and zoning for unincorporated areas of the county, county parks and recreation systems, capital improvements, and other services and programs which are not clearly the responsibility of other elected county officials.

The Commissioners serve on a variety of community-wide boards and commissions, such as the Economic Development Council and Board of Health, along with other public officials to help direct public policy. Commissioners are responsible for appointing members to serve on numerous boards and commissions, such as the Park Board, Planning Commission, and others.


In their quasi-judicial capacity, the commissioners hear appeals from decisions made by other county boards or commissions and determine approval for a variety of development proposals, such as subdivisions, and timber land and open space current use requests.

The Board's meetings are public, and records of the meetings can be viewed here or by contacting the Clerk of the Board, Tiffany Ostreim, at (360) 577-3020.