Kalama Methanol Manufacturing and Marine Export Facility - KMMEF

Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement - SEIS

Northwest Innovation Works, Kalama, LLC (NWIW) and the Port of Kalama (Port) previously filed applications for shoreline substantial development, shoreline conditional use, critical areas, and floodplain permits within the Columbia River shoreline to construct a methanol manufacturing and marine export facility on approximately 100-acre North Port site adjacent to the Columbia River. The project on remand remains essentially the same as the project described in the original application materials. The project would consist of a methanol production facility, including accessory administrative, support, and infrastructure facilities located in upland areas; and a new marine terminal. The marine terminal would include the construction of a new dock that would require pile driving and dredging below the ordinary high water mark of the river at approximately river mile [RM] 72. The proposed marine terminal would accommodate the oceangoing vessels that would transport methanol to destination ports. It would also be designed to accommodate other vessel types and, when not in use for loading methanol, would be made available for general use by the Port, as a lay berth where vessels could moor while waiting to use other Port berths, and for topside vessel maintenance.

The proposed project is designed to produce methanol from natural gas received from the Kalama Lateral Pipeline project, a separate but related project to be constructed by Northwest Pipeline GP. Once produced, the methanol would be stored in non-pressurized aboveground storage tanks until transferred by pipeline from storage to the marine terminal where it will be loaded onto ships and sent to market.

The County is commencing additional review of Shoreline Substantial Development Permit No. 16-07-3709 and Shoreline Condition Use Permit No. 16-07-3710 pursuant to remand from the Shoreline Hearings Board in SHB No. 17-10c. The County has assigned new permit numbers for this remand review as listed below, but intends to include all application materials, all public comments and the complete record from the prior permit review as part of its record on remand.

  • Shoreline Substantial Development Permit Remand: 17-11-4020
  • Shoreline Condition Use Permit Remand: 17-11-2021

Project and SEIS Documents

For detailed information about the project please visit the Port of Kalama's KMMEF SEPA page: KMMEF SEPA


Notice of Complete Application issued 1.29.18
Notice of Application for Shoreline Permits under Application SL 17-0993 (formerly SL 16-0975)
SEIS Scoping Notice
Scoping Notice postcard