MBTL HIA - Public Involvement

Updates to this page are made periodically. You are advised to check back occasionally for any updates.

The Health Impact Assessment Steering Committee has accepted public comment throughout the entire process. Comments have been submitted in email, by form, and handwritten or typed communications. Public comment has also been accepted verbally, at all Steering Committee meetings and workshops.

Subject Matter Experts also commented on the Draft HIA. Their comments can be found in the tab on the left side of the page. Below are updated documents that reflect the written comments received on the Draft HIA only. Comments must have been received by the published deadline of January 5th, 2018 at 5pm to be considered in these documents.

These documents include:

-A statistics matrix of form letters
-Samples of form letters received
-Summary of additional text in form letters (by version)
-A summary matrix of unique substantive comments received
-A submission report of the verbatim text of each unique comment received
-An excerpt-by-issue report of unique comments received
-A summary matrix of form letters received
-A submission report of the verbatim text of each form letter received
-An excerpt-by-issue report of form letters received
-A code guide illustrating how topics were coded and sorted
-A response letter from MBTL (Applicant)

Form Letter Statistics Matrix

Form Letter A-Sample

Form Letter B-Sample

Form Letter C-Sample

Form Letter A-Review

Form Letter B-Review

Form Letter C-Review

Form Letter-Summary Review

Form Letter-Submission Report

Form Letter-Excerpt By Issue Report

Unique Comment-Summary Review

Unique Comment-Submission Report

Unique Comment-Excerpt By Issue Report

Code Guide

MBTL Response Letter