Cowlitz County Sheriff Records

The Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office Records Department provides support to local law enforcement agencies, processes background checks for gun purchases and CPL applications, enters and houses police reports for the Sheriff's Office and provides Sheriff’s Office reports through the public disclosure process.


All of Cowlitz County now uses the GovQA software to make and process public disclosure requests. If you would like to make a public disclosure request for a Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office please click here: Cowlitz County Sheriff Public Records

For all copies of reports 30 pages or longer, there is a fee of $.15 per page or $.10 per page for scanned materials. All actual postage charges are applicable.


In order to pay for a public disclosure you must submit a request for a copy of your report, it must be approved and a DS # (Dissemination Number) must be assigned. The DS # will be provided to you by a Records Specialist at time of approval.


We commonly receive requests for 911 center documents, commonly called CAD logs. Below is the link to the 911 center's website where you can request their documents: Dispatch CAD Logs