Wild Game Campaign

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Looking for physical activity, stress management and healthy food? Cowlitz County is home to amazing opportunities for hunting, fishing and enjoying WILD GAME! The Cowlitz County Healthy Workforce Committee is sponsoring a year-long campaign to promote the many benefits of local wild game, fish and foraging! Hunters, fishers, foragers, eaters, photographers and wildlife enthusiasts are welcome to join! Sign up here to receive updates. The campaign includes: * Wild Game, Fish and Forage Recipe and Hunting/Cooking Photo Contest with monthly winners of great prizes - including cooking equipment, cookbooks, hunting gear and more. * Chances for tickets to two free dinners at local restaurant with wild foods demonstrations/discussion open to employees and family members with chefs and authors. Books from the authors included for the selected employees.

* Cowlitz County Healthy Workforce Wild Game Campaign cookbook using your recipes and photos at the end of the campaign.

* Ongoing wild game resources, educational opportunities and more!

Recipe and photo contest submissions can be made here. View entries below:

Big Game
Small Game
Upland Birds
Freshwater Fish

Information from the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife on hunting locations can be found here.

Keep food safety in mind when working with wild game. Safety guidelines from the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife are available here.

Contact Greta Holmstrom, Cowlitz County Healthy Workforce Committee Member, with any questions at extension 6676 or via email.

Did Someone Say Prizes???

Enter Wild Game and Fish Recipes and Hunting/Cooking Photos to be a winner of great prizes! Prizes include: **Coleman Folding Shovel with Pick** **Corona Branch & Stem Pruner** **Bamboo Work & Gardening Gloves** **Mushroom Knife** 

 Recipe and photo contest submissions can be made here.