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OSS Inputs

The following brochures are designed to answer many common questions concerning on-site sewage systems (OSS).

Living with your septic system
This brochure explains how to take good care of your on-site sewage system in your daily practices. There are many things that homeowners can do in their daily lives to keep their systems functioning for a long time.

Operations and Maintenance of your OSS
This brochure explains the reasons and processes for ongoing operations and maintenance inspections of OSS.

Time to pump
This brochure discusses how often a septic tank should be pumped.

Septic System Landscaping: Dos and Don'ts for Drain Fields
This brochure guides you in choosing septic-safe grasses, ground covers, and wildflowers for your drain field landscaping while highlighting plants to avoid.

Tank replacement brochure
If an OSS has a steel tank, the department recommends immediate replacement. This brochure describes the requirements and process for replacing a broken septic tank. It does not discuss the process for replacing a failing septic system.