Solid Waste Regulation

Illegal DumpingThe primary role of the Environmental Health Unit staff in solid waste regulation is mandated by the Solid Waste Management Act (RCW 70.95). The legislation requires the Health & Human Services Departments to enforce the Washington State Department of Ecology rules for solid waste facilities.

The Environmental Health Unit issues permits, reviews, and monitors performance of solid waste facilities including:

  • landfills
  • transfer stations
  • wood waste sites
  • concrete recycling facilities
  • asphalt recycling facilities
  • recycling facilities
  • exempt solid waste facilities

All solid waste facilities in the County are inspected on a regular basis to ensure proper handling of wastes to prevent environmental contamination.

Complaints concerning improper disposal of solid waste, animal wastes and illegal dumping of garbage on the ground are investigated by staff and efforts are made to alleviate the problem through requests for voluntary compliance. Enforcement action, if needed, is by civil infraction and fines through the Cowlitz County District Court.