Harassment No Contact Order

Harassment No-Contact Order Criminal Order - RCW 9A.46

Who May Obtain?A person who has reported to the police an incident involving harassment as defined in RCW 9A.46.060. (Criminal charges must be pending or filed. May be a condition of sentencing.)
What Can an Order Do?Refrain from contacting, intimidating or threatening the victim and others listed in the order; order the abuser to stay away from specific locations.
Protects the victim in an active case while waiting for trial and sentencing. The order can also be a condition of sentence.
How is an Order Obtained?A crime must first be reported to the police. If the abuser has been arrested or issued a citation, the victim may ask the prosecutor to request a no-contact order. The order may be obtained in district, municipal or superior court.
What is the Cost?No Cost