Domestic Violence No Contact Order

Domestic Violence No-Contact Order Criminal Order - RCW 10.99
Who May Obtain?A person who has reported to the police an incident involving domestic violence as defined in RCW 10.99.020. Criminal charges must be pending or filed. May be a condition of sentencing.
What Can an Order Do?Prohibit contact of any kind; prohibit the abuser from knowingly coming within or staying within a specific distance of a location. Protects the victim in an active case while waiting for trial and sentencing. The order can also be a condition of sentence and effective up to the statutory maximum sentence and/or until probation is concluded.
How is an Order Obtained?A crime must first be reported to the police. If the abuser has been arrested or issued a citation, the victim may ask the prosecutor to request a no-contact order. The prosecutor may ask the court for a protection order regardless of the victim's wishes. The order may be obtained in district, municipal or superior court. (In some jurisdictions, orders are issued via the police or jail.)
What is the Cost?No Cost
How to Terminate an OrderYou must petition the court as outlined.