Abused Child Restraining Order

Abused Child Restraining Order - RCW 26.44.063

Who May Obtain?In any judicial proceeding in which it is alleged a child has been subjected to sexual or physical abuse, the court may, on its own motion, or on the motion of the guardian ad litem or any party, enter a restraining order protecting the child.
What Can an Order Do?Prohibit contact with the child without specific court approval; restrain from molesting or disturbing the peace of the child; restrain from entering the child’s home without specific court approval; restrain from knowingly coming within or remaining within a specified distance of a specified location.
How is an Order Obtained?In the Superior Court Juvenile Department, a party or the guardian ad litem makes a request to the court for issuance of an order, or the court may issue an order on its own. The order may be obtained regardless of the victims wishes.
What is the Cost?No Cost