Foreign Protection Order

Foreign Protection Order - RCW 26.52

Who May Obtain?A protected person who has a valid civil or criminal protection order issued by a court in a foreign state, territory, possession, tribe or United States military tribunal may file the order in Washington State.

What Can an Order Do?Provide the protection ordered by the original court in the foreign protection order.
The foreign protection order is enforceable in Washington State even if the order is not filed in the court or entered in law enforcement's computer-based information system.

How is an Order Obtained?

A person may file a valid foreign protection order by presenting a certified, authenticated or exemplified copy of the protection order to the clerk of the court where the protected person resides or where the person entitled to protection believes enforcement may be necessary. The person must file a Foreign Protection Order Information form with the order. The information form is provided by the Clerk's Office. A clerk may provide the protected person assistance in filling out the information form. The clerk will give the protected person a copy of the order showing proof that it was filed.
What is the Cost?No Cost