Domestic Violence Order of Protection

Domestic Violence Order for Protection - RCW 26.50

Who May Obtain?

Any person who is a victim of domestic violence or fears violence by a "family or household member." (Persons who are married, have been married, or have a child in common, adult persons who are related or who reside(d) together and persons 16 years and older who have been/are dating.) Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) may petition on behalf and with the consent of a vulnerable adult.
What Can an Order Do?
  • Prohibit contact of any kind.
  • Remove abuser from shared residence and prohibit from entering.
  • Give temporary custody of children and set visitation schedule.
  • Grant essential possessions (e.g., vehicle, medicine, pets).
  • Order abuser into treatment/counseling.
Be tailored to individual needs.
How is an Order Obtained?

An order can be obtained in superior court. The person completes paperwork which the court reviews. The court will grant or deny a temporary emergency order effective for up to 14 days. The petitioner arranges for the other party to be served with the petition, notice of hearing and temporary order. A hearing is scheduled within 2 weeks at which time the court may deny the petition or grant a full order effective for up to one year or more. The hearing may be by telephone in special circumstances.
Forms and instructions are provided by the Clerk's Office.
What is the Cost?No Cost