Vehicle/Vessel Licensing

Agent for Department of Licensing

As an agent for Washington Department of Licensing, the Auditor's Office is responsible for providing the following services:

  • Issuance of license plates and registration - vehicles and vessels
  • Title transactions for vehicles, vessels, and manufactured homes
  • Addition or removal of legal owners (lien holders)
  • Sale of gross weight for commercial vehicles
  • Sale of trip permits and special fuel permits
  • Issuance of disabled parking placards

The Auditor is also an agent for Department of Revenue and collects tax on the transfer of vehicles and vessels.

Quick Title Service

The Cowlitz County Auditor is now processing Quick Titles, if you need your new title immediately. There's an additional $50.00 fee to get a Quick Title.

Note: Quick Titles are not available for snowmobiles, vehicles or boats reported as stolen, insurance or wrecker destroyed vehicles and boats, or vehicles or boats with "WA Rebuilt" on the title.

The Auditor's Office cannot approve Quick Title paperwork over the phone. Click here to locate other offices in Washington, who also provide Quick Title services.

Vehicle Tab Renewal & Registration

For your convenience, you may be able to renew your vehicle and vessel tabs online using your credit or debit card. Many frequently asked questions about vehicle registrations are available on the Washington State Department of Licensing website.

Click Here for the Washington State Department of Licensing website.


How Much Will It Cost?

Title and registration fees depend on several factors, including the weight of the vehicle, where you live, and the type of plates you're renewing.

If you're titling and registering a vehicle or boat for the first time and need to obtain a check or money order for the exact amount, please complete a quote form and submit via fax or email.

List of fees

Tables in this link outline fees for:

  • Vehicle and boat registration (first-time registration or tab/decal renewals)
  • Replacements and duplicates
  • Title changes
  • Manufactured and mobile homes
  • Vehicle inspections

Tax Information

Cowlitz County Auditor acts as agent for Washington State Department of Revenue (DOR) and collects use tax on the transfer of vehicles and vessels.

DOR Home Page

Use Tax Facts for Vehicle Transfers