Fireworks Stands

Application Requirements

The following items are required in order to process and application for permit to locate a temporary fireworks stand in the unincorporated areas of Cowlitz County:

1.   Fireworks Supplement (pdf)

3.  Site plan (pdf) must be accurate - examples available

4. A signed statement from the property owner on 8½" x 11" paper granting permission to locate the fireworks stand on his property (if owner is different than applicant).

5. A valid Washington State Fireworks License.

6. A copy of insurance for the fireworks stand.

The application fee does not guarantee issuance of a permit


Fireworks Stand Applications will not be accepted after 5:30pm on June 1st (for the Fourth of July) and after 4:30 PM on November 17th (for New Year's Eve).

Applicants licensed for the Fourth of July and intending to set up a stand for the New Year's Eve selling period shall notify the Department of Building and Planning before the November deadline. The same information packet and inspections are required as for the Fourth of July selling period. No additional fee is required