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Local Law Enforcement Agencies:

Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office: Non-emergency phone #: 360.577.3092

Longview Police Non-emergency phone #: 360.442.5800

Kelso Police Non-emergency phone #: 360.423.1270

Castle Rock Police Non-emergency phone #: 360.274.4711

Kalama Police Non-emergency phone #: 360.673.2165

Woodland Police Non-emergency phone #: 360.225.6965

Washington State Patrol Non-emergency phone #: 360.578.4147 (Kelso)

Local Fire Districts:

Cowlitz #1 Fire/Rescue; Non-emergency phone #: 360.225.7462

Cowlitz 2 Fire & Rescue: Non-emergency phone #: 360.578.5218

Cowlitz County Fire District #3 Non-emergency phone #: 360.274.8940

Cowlitz County Fire District 5 Non-emergency phone #: 360.673.2222

Cowlitz County Fire District #6 Non-emergency phone #: 360.274.4413

Cowlitz/Skamania Fire District #7 Non-emergency phone #: 360.231.4357

Longview Fire Department Non-emergency phone #: 360.442.5503

Woodland - Contracted with Clark County Fire & Rescue

Links to Emergency Management Related Information:

American Red Cross

Cowlitz County Health & Human Services

CRESA (Clark County) Department of Homeland Security


IS 100b - Introduction to the Incident Command System
IS 200b - ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action
IS 700a - National Incident Management System (NIMS)
IS 701a - NIMS Multiagency Coordination Systems (MACS)
IS 702a - NIMS Public Information Systems
IS 703a - NIMS Resource Management
IS 775 - EOC Management and Operations
IS 800d - National Response Framework

Cowlitz Humane SocietyHome Insurance.Org

National Flood Insurance Program

National Weather Service

Pacific Northwest Seismic Network 

Pipeline Safety - Call before you dig Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Association

Pipeline 101

Real Time Volcano Cam

Washington State Emergency Management Division 

YouTube Videos: Last Resort Active Shooter Survival, Run, Hide, Fight, Sheriff Nelson Discusses Preparedness

Family Communications Plan

Emergency Water Storage

Shelter In Place

Shelter In Place In Your Car