Group B Approval Process

New or expanding Group B Public Water Systems are required to get approval prior to construction. The approval for all Group B systems are done by the Cowlitz County Health Department, while Group A systems require approval from the Washington State Department of Health.

  • Cowlitz County Health Department reviews systems with 9 or less connections consisting of a drilled well that:
    • Do not use a variable speed pump;
    • Do not provide fire flow;
    • Do not have special hydraulic considerations;
    • Do not have atmospheric storage in which the bottom elevation of the storage reservoir is below the ground surface;
    • Serve fewer than ten service connections
  • The Washington State Department of Health reviews any system that does not meet the above requirements. A professional engineer is required to submit any design submittals for these types of systems.

Approval Documents

Group B Approval Process
Group B Water System Design Guidelines
Group B Design Submittal Workbook
WAC 246-291: Group B Public Water Systems
Cowlitz County Group B Ordinance
Cowlitz County Satellite Management Agencies
Covenants for Group B Public Water Supply Protection
Template for Declaration of Covenant and Restrictive Covenants
Example Informational Notice for Property Titles
Complete IOC Test for Group B Systems
Washington State Certified Drinking Water Labs
How To Hire An Engineer
List of Engineers (Previously Submitted Plans to DOH)
Plan Review Receipt
Well Site Inspection Application