IVDU Harm Reduction Program

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What Is an IVDU Harm Reduction Program:

An IVDU Harm Reduction Program is a public health program for intravenous drug users. It is a comprehensive set of programs designed to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and other blood borne infections among injection drug users, their families and within our communities. The program exchanges new, sterile syringes in for used, contaminated syringes. Important risk reduction information is provided and assistance is available to help drug users get into drug treatment and health care programs.

Program Information:

LOCATION: Family Health Center - 621 Grade Street, Kelso WA 98626
DAY/HOURS: Visit the Family Center Website  

Risk Reduction Tips:

  • Never reuse or share needles, water or drug preparation equipment.
  • Use a new needle every time you inject.
  • Get new needles from a reliable source (pharmacy or syringe exchange).
  • Use clean water.
  • Use a new disinfected container ("cooker").
  • Use a new filter ("cotton").
  • Clean the injection site with an alcohol swab.
  • Safely dispose of syringes after one use.

Safe Needle Disposal:

For information on safe needle disposal, please visit the Waste Control website 

  • Never pick a syringe up with your bare hands. Use gloves and tongs or pliers.
  • Do not break the needle off the syringe.
  • Always put a syringe in a hard plastic container.
  • Place the container on the ground -- do not hold -- and drop the syringe in it.
  • Tape the bottle shut. Write on the outside SHARPS DO NOT RECYCLE.