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Kaizen Events

Summary of Kaizen Events for Process Improvement



Project Title

Reason for Project

Assessor’s Office

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Law Enforcement Records Department

May 2-6 2016

Records Public Disclosures

We need to improve our process and guidelines in order to ensure we maintain legal compliance while completing this task ourselves.  We understand the need to make the proper redactions before the approval process and need a standardized procedure that clearly outlines necessary redactions and lawful approval/denial criteria.





Superior Court Clerk’s Office

June 1-5 2015

First Appearance Process from Arrest to Arraignment

Duplicate data entry, downtime waiting for paper records, and non-standard forms and procedures contribute to a current process that is cumbersome and inefficient.  Offenders and the courts are forced to wait, delay proceedings, and search for paperwork which, conservatively, costs the legal justice system time and money. 





Treasurer’s Office

August 11-15 2014

Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) Process

The current process for REETs is time consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors. 






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