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Draft Plan Documents
Canal Rd Mitigation Site.jpg
Weekly Updates during Board of Commissioners Review:

    January 31st Updates:
        Proposed Schedule - UPDATED
        Presentation on overview of edits from Week 1 Review
        Edited Draft from Week 1  
(proposal only)

    February 7th materials:
        Written Public Comments Received - 

        Chapter 1 - Natural Environment and Resources 
(No edits)
        Chapter 1- Natural Environment and Resources with proposed edits

    February 21st materials: (7pm in the Board's Hearing Room)
        Written Public Comments Received - 
               Engstrom 2.21.17

        Decision Points for Board - Intro, Vision & Guiding Principles, Chapter 1

        Chapter 2 - Land Use Element


    March 14, 2017 Meeting Materials
Updated Chapter 1 Draft - Strike-through/Underline and Clean Version
        Updated Chapter 2 Draft - Strike through/Underline and Clean Version
        Alan Engstrom Comments Chapter 1
        Alan Engstrom Comments Walt's Meats
        Diking District No. 15 Comments
        Jim Donald Comments
        Karl Germunson Comments
        Kevin Bluhm Comments
        Travis Buck Comments

    April 11, 2017 Meeting Materials
Updated Chapter 6 Draft - Strike-through/Underline and Clean Version
        Updated Chapter 2 Draft - Strike-through/Underline and Clean Version
        Updated Chapter 3 Draft - Strike through/Underline and Clean Version
        Log of Recommended Map Changes
        Diking District 15 Comments
        Evan Dille Comments
        Comments from Website

    April 25, 2017 Meeting Materials 
 Updated Chapter 3 Draft - Strike Through and Clean (only one change from the
         4/11/17 version)
         Updated Chapter 6 Draft - Strike-through/Underline and Clean Version
        Updated Chapter 4 Draft - Strike-through/Underline and Clean Version
         Alan Engstrom Comments
Comprehensive Plan Text:

Draft Plan

Entire County Map (March 13, 2015):

Draft Map 

Localized Maps (March 13, 2015):

Castle Rock/Delameter 

Toutle (Updated April 2017)

Ryderwood/Barnes Drive

Lexington/SR 411

Coal Creek/West Longview (Updated April 2017)

Kelso/Rose Valley



Woodland Bottoms (Updated April 2017)



A few notes regarding the draft maps:

- The map is a draft.  It is expected to change as we move forward with the review process.  Updates to the map will be posted on the first Friday of each month.

- Mineral Resource Lands have now been identified. 

- Hardcopy maps are available at a variety of scales at the Building and Planning Department.

- Comments are welcome; please submit all comments in writing to the Building and Planning Department.

- Certain map elements and supplementary maps (e.g. special places, Community Planning Areas, Fire Districts, etc.) will be added and/or updated on an as-available basis.  These rolling map updates will not include designation changes, those will only be updated on the first Friday of each month.

**This page last updated April 24, 2017**

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