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Chapter 16.20 Revision
If you have made it to this webpage, odds are you are interested in the proposed revisions to the existing Chapter 16.20, Development in Drainage Courses. You might also wonder why the County is proposing changes to the existing code. The simple answer is that the existing code is highly restrictive and applicable to all projects with a labor or equipment cost of $2000 or more. Additionally the code is confusing.

The revised code aims to correct these errors. First, it limits applicability to large residental or moderate to large commercial or industrial projects. An application would have to propose a project of more than 10,000 square feet of impervious area AND 15% of the parcel size in order to trigger the residential threshold. Essentially, a Super Walmart size of impervious area, such as roofs, paved roadways, etc, would need to be proposed for a lot size of 5 acres before the new standards would apply. This handout illustrates the concept.

Interested in all the nitty-gritty details?

Existing code is located here, click Chapter 16 and then 16.20.

Proposed revised code with 'track changes' here

Summary of changes.

Still have questions? Patrick Harbison, P.E., is leading the revision process. He can be reached at or (360) 577-3030.

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