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Exempt Landowner Assistance Program
We undestand that there are some landowners in Cowltiz County that are on limited income and may need some assistnace with controling noxious weeds on their property.  These individulas may include:  elderly, handicap, veterans and others that are on limited or fixed income.

Weeds are a problem for all of us, but we understand the limitation some of our landowners may be under.  We chose to help our neighbors by providing assistance to weed, cut or spray their weeds.  Here is some additional information about this program.

The Exempt Landowner Assisstance Program is for landowners who meet ALL of the following:
    1. Own land in Cowltiz County.
    2. Has applied and meets the County Assessor's Tax Exemption requirements.
    3. Property parcel containing a significant amount of noxious weeds (especially those 
        listed as our eligible weeds for asssistnace).  Those weeds are:

 Tansy ragwort

 Canada thistle

 Yellow archangel

 Knotweed species

 Tansy  Canada thiste  yellow archangel  knotweed

The program will cover 100% of the cost to get rid of the qualifying noxious weeds upto $500 per year (January 1st to December 31st of each year).

The program will have landowners sign a consent allowing us to do the work on the property or have us hire a contractor to control the noxious weeds.

Funds are limited and this program may end at anytime during the weed season.

Contact the County Assessor's office to apply for the Tax Exemption Program.  This needs to be your first step in order to have the Weed Program assist you with noxious weed control.

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