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Weed Identification Bring your plants in to our office, take a picture and send it to us or we can come out to your property to help you identify your weeds.
Borrow Equipment from us  We have injections guns to treat knotweed that can be checked out to you for your treatment of those plants on your property.  Also, we have weed Wrenches to use on Scotch broom or other brush species.  Call us or come by our office. 
Control Recommendations Call us and let us know what weed(s) you need control information on and we will send it to you.
Respond to Weed Complaints Call our office and let us know where the weed issues are, send us an email or click on the Weed Complaint button.
Cost-Share Assistance How do I qualify for this assistance?  To get more information go to the Cost-Share link on the left of the page or call our office and talk to our staff.
Excempt Landowner Assistance How do I know if I qualify for this assistance?  Get more information by clicking on the menue bar to the left of this page or call our office.
Disposal of Noxious Weeds Our staff can explain which plants we can assist you with and how this program works.
Noxious Weed Presentations & Training  Call our office and request a noxious weed presentation or training workshop for your group or invite us to your group event/activity. 
Survey & Enforcement Staff surveys the county for noxious weed infestations and maps locations.  Staff identifies properties with noxious weeds and makes contact with landowners to require control.

 Workshops/Events You Can Attend When and Where:
Monthly Weed Board Meetings Every 2nd Wednesday of each month:  Our address:  207 Fourth Avenue N.; Kelso, WA  98626.
Home & Garden Show Information Booth  Cowlitz Expo Center
Earth Day Event Cowlitz Expo Center
Castle Rock Fair Information Booth Castle Rock Fairgrounds 
Cowlitz County Fair Information Booth Cowlitz Expo Center 
Group Presentations Variable Locations, please check the calendar

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