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Cowlitz County Noxious Weed Control Board
Weed Board meetings are held every 2nd Wednesday of each month (change to this schedule is announced in The Daily News and on our website).  Mettings are conducted on the 2nd floor of the Administration Annex Building: 207 Fourth Avenue North; Kelso, WA  98626 (SEE MAP).  

Meeting Documents Available in the Agenda Center                                           


District #1 Board Member
John Gross
303 Painter Roth Rd.
Kelso, WA  98626
Tel. (360) 425-0083

 John Gross  

District #2 Board Chairman
Joe Godinho
70 PH 10
Castle Rock, WA 98611
Tel. (360)274-0275

 Joe Godihno IMG_4615.jpg  Program Coordinator
Duane Lane
Tel. (360) 577-3117 Ext. 1

District #3 Board member
Bob Roth
2921 Laurel Rd.
Longview, WA 98632
Tel. (360)425-6563

 Bob Roth Meadow knapweed    Administrative Assistant &
Board Secretary

            Beth Tanner                        
Tel. (360) 577-3117 Ext. 2

District #4 Board Member
Mike Imboden
2814 Maple St.
Longview, WA 98632
Tel. (360)423-3133

 Mike Imboden IMG_1968.jpg Noxious Weeds Inspector


District #5 Board Member
Eino Suomi
213 Nevala Rd.
Woodland, WA 98674
Tel. (360)225-7780

 Eino Suomi Dtoadflax.jpg Grant Projects Technician

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